What is EliteMUN?

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EliteIMUN is an international relations simulation, started by the students of Ulaanbaatar Elite International School, with the sole purpose of developing the skills related to diplomacy such as negotiations, teamwork, leadership and, most importantly, debate. Hundreds of high school students gather to share their experience as well as learn more from others.!

Why EliteMUN?

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Exciting and much-anticipated

The passionate and dedicated staff members of EliteIMUN works, day and night for months, each year to create the most memorable and significant experience for all delegates. Each year we come with something new and exciting for the participants to enjoy

Size and Diversity

One of many purposes of EliteIMUN is to reach all corners of our nation and beyond. We are working toward this purpose every minute, which is why EliteIMUN has become International starting 2019.

Kind and welcoming environment

Our top priority is to provide comfortable and welcoming environment for all who take part in EliteIMUN. It is a responsibility of ours to help you expand your knowledge while enjoying the atmosphere with new and old friends.

The secretariat.

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The secretariat is the six-person tasked with running the entire conference. From overseeing the dozens of staff members to liaising with the hundreds of delegates that attend the conference, it is their leadership that makes EliteIMUN the most well-run, prestigious model UN in the country.